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Adult Addictions

Thinking About Your Emotional Strengths

Do You Have a Problem With Alcohol

It Feels so Bad, it Doesn't have to

Drinking Too Much Too Fast Can Kill You

Breaking Free of Addiction

Anger Management for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Clients

Drugs and Your Body

Dangerous Alcohol and Drub Combinations

Drug Testing Consent Form

Tolerate Stress-Mini-Poster

Acting Opposite to Your Impulses

Noticing Your Urges

Identifying Your Sex Addiction Triggers

Practicing Self-Calming and Self-Caring Techniques

Creating a Better Day

Controlling Your Urges

The Costs and Benefits of Your Problem Behaviors

Identifying Addiction Triggers

Positive and Negative Influences

Accepting Your Mistakes & Moving Forward

Soothing Yourself When You Are Upset

Take a Break From Stress

Focusing On Solutions

Just 3 Words

Connecting To a Higher Power

The Miracle Question

Create a Positive Self-Portrait

Write a Letter to Your Problem

Take a Break

What Are Your Positive Psychological Skills?

Do Something Different

Understanding Your Emotions When You Are Upset

Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Coping Cards

Feeling Better Through Spiritual Awareness

Understanding the Messages You Received As A Child

The Cost of Avoiding Difficult Feelings

Dealing With Shame and Guilt

Tolerating Upsetting Thoughts & Feelings

Tracking Your Urges

Drinking Tracking Cards

Creating An Emotional Emergency Kit

Looking At the Big Picture

Preventing and Managing Relapses

Your Perceptions About Yourself

If the Problem Were a TV Show

Life Goals Worksheet

Learning to Self-Soothe

Recording and Changing Pessimistic Thoughts

Identifying Your Support System

Controlling Your Moods

Asking for and Giving Forgiveness

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