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“The need for mental health awareness and advocacy cannot be disputed.”

Dr. Susan J. Lindner is a licensed clinical psychologist, mental health coach, and wellness advocate. Dr. Lindner holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, an M.B.A. in organizational leadership, and a master degree of social work. Dr. Lindner has extensive training in Gestalt psychoanalysis and is a Level II practitioner of QHHT - QuantUm Healing Hypnosis Technique. 

Dr. Susan is the author of Reset Your Soul®, a guide for those vested in optimizing their mental health and wellness. Based upon over 20+ years of experience and over 7500 clinical cases, Reset Your Soul® was written for those ready to find answers to those deeply embedded and difficult questions within.

Reset Your Soul® is an exceptional tool for anyone interested in better understanding the therapeutic process and what happens in - without having to go in to - therapy. Reset Your Soul® utilizes reality-based, solution-focused and present-centered perspectives to support the process of  psychological relief with minimal internal distress. The emphasis is on re-writing parts of the past that no longer work while optimizing the present for optimal long-term mental health and wellness. 

Dr. Susan J. Lindner shares how she worked full time in the sports and entertainment industry while attending graduate school.. She later assumed a position in a prominent law office while completing her dissertation and pre-doctoral hours for her doctorate degree. Dr. Lindner shares how she gained valuable experience working for attorneys, learning and recognizing the pros and cons of "black and white thinkinG." Dr. Lindner shares how this skill set "gave her an edge" when developing a psychological style in supporting others "change your thinking, change your life." 

Dr. Lindner has served as Director of clinical and counseling services at various not-for-profit organizations and NYC agencies for the underserved. SHe maintains a private practice in Long Island, New York City and South Florida. Prior to COVID-19, Dr. Lindner would travel abroad to meet with international clients interested in her work. 

With a plethora of resources and experience, "Dr. Susan" is committed in "paying it forward." She truly believes with a collective spirit and genuine interest in discerning the truth (which is different for everyone,) tools to navigate the discharge of psychological distress, and resources to optimize the present moment, the potential of positive mental health and success is not only attainable - but sustainable as well. 

TO find out more about Dr. susan lindner, tune in to her bi-monthly live radio/TV Podcast show: “Mental Health 360" on BBS Radio/TV STATION 1, starting Thursday, June 10, 2021 and, thereafter, every other week on a Thursday @ 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST.

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